Meet our Cast!


Princess Thera

Thera is the founder/owner of Spark A Dream! She has loved playing princess dress up ever since she was small and that passion for making magic has never left her, thus Spark A Dream was born! She has been princess performing since 2015 both in the Boston area and in Orlando, Florida. She holds a bachelors degree in theatre arts & costume design from Merrimack College and may also be found occasionally performing on local stages.

Her favorite characters are the Mermaid Princess and the Snow Princess!


Princess Naomi

Naomi brings with her a lifelong passion for fairy tale characters and the dedication and warmth needed to be a wonderful princess! A professional theatre artist, Naomi is a co-founder and producer for Revolutionary Theatre Company in Danvers. She has been princess performing since 2017 and can trace her heritage back to Scandinavian royalty. She is an actual real princess! We feel very lucky to have Naomi as part of our team!

Her favorite characters are the Snow Queen and the Tower Princess!


Princess Madison


Madison began singing on stage when she was three years old and has loved performing ever since! A singer, song-writer, and guitar player Madison makes a living acting and performing in local shows when she is not entertaining as a princess. Her passion for impressions and character integrity means she commits to every character she portrays. Madison truly loves working with children especially since she has three nieces and nephews of her own now. She has also been princess performing since 2015 when she and Thera met, and is so excited to make magic together again at Spark A Dream!

Her favorite characters are the Beauty Princess and the Tower Princess!



Princess Taylor

Taylor’s love of preforming dates back as far as her toddler years, when her favorite activity was dressing up as various princesses and entertaining her family through song and dance. Taylor is currently pursuing a degree in theater education and performing arts in college, where she is an active member of their theatre department. An internship with the North Shore Music Theater has also helped to cultivate her love of teaching choreography to children who share her love for theatre. Taylor loves everything about being a princess, especially creating magic for all those who share the same passion and love as her (especially the little ones).

Her favorite characters are the Beauty Princess, the Tower Princess, and the Mermaid Princess!


Princess Michaela

Michaela has always felt a spark for performing, she was in her first theater production at the age of four and has continued to sing and dance onstage ever since! Michaela took her passion with her to school, graduating from Merrimack College with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Theater Arts. After receiving her Master of Education in English as a Second language, Michaela found her home teaching third grade. Michaela performs daily for her students, but still loves to bring a little princess magic to children outside of the classroom.

Her favorite character is the Apple Princess and she enjoys being the Manager Princess!